Our Services


Tree Removal

Tree removals not performed by experienced professionals have a high risk of property damage and can result in serious injury to individuals involved.

Our crew at Jolly Loggers Tree Service strictly adhere to our safety policies and are highly trained and experienced working with all the proper equipment. This ensures that every tree removal we perform is done safely and efficiently. 

Our staff have been trained in:

  • Basic first aid
  • Electrical awareness
  • Quarterly aerial rescue drills
  • Rigging and climbing
  • Chainsaw safety
  • Wood chipper operation
  • Bucket truck operation


Tree Pruning

Improper pruning can not only reduce the aesthetic appeal of your trees, but also irreversibly harm them.

Our crew at Jolly Loggers Tree Service wants to help your trees grow to the best of their ability. Proper pruning is  an effective way to improve tree health, prevent tree related damage, and can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your trees. Whether you are pruning for structural stability, hazard prevention, increased growth, or any other reason, we have you covered! All of the pruning we perform is done using proper pruning techniques.

Common pruning procedures include:

  • Crown reduction: Reductions to the height or length of branches. Effective at controlling the size of trees.
  • Raising: Removal of low clearance branches. Eliminates obstructions posed by these branches to people or vehicles
  • Thinning: Removal of branches which are either dead, in decline or rubbing. Generates more open space within the tree, resulting in increased light penetration and air circulation.
  • Damage: Removal of broken or damaged limbs caused by strong winds, heavy snowfall, freezing rain, ice build-up, and various other causes. Eliminates falling hazards associated with broken or damaged branches.


Hedge Maintenance

There is nothing more appealing than a well maintained hedge!

Our options:

  • Reduction: We can lower the height or reduce the width of your shrubs and hedges
  • Shaping: We can shape your hedges to make them more aesthetically pleasing
  • Rejuvenation: We can lower the hedge/shrub to a height where it can regrow
  • Removal: We can remove the hedge completely to give you space to replant