Our team


Connor Fox

Connor Fox has been in the arboriculture business for 3 years, 2 of those years as a crew manager, giving him an exceptional expertise in customer satisfaction. Connor  helps organize our safety programs using his knowledge obtained through extensive aerial rescue training and courses for tree stability, bugs & diseases, rigging, and chainsaw practices. Connor also participated in the 2016 ISA Prairie Chapter climbing competition and plans to compete in the 2017 ISA Ontario Chapter competition.


Steven Mclean

Steven Mclean has been in the arboriculture business for 3 years. He began his training in Alberta, where he gained valuable experience by constantly testing his knowledge and ability. He has taken various courses, bringing skill and knowledge about climbing, tree felling, tree health and diseases, rigging and electrical safety. He has helped build our safety program and his leadership and experience in the field makes him a great asset to the team.


Shane Kilpatrick

Shane Kilpatrick has over 3 years of tree work and climbing experience. He began in Calgary, and then continued his arboriculture ambitions independently upon relocating to Waterloo, where he is also a graduate student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Holding a B.ASc. in Biology, Shane has an in-depth understanding of tree physiology and anatomy. His excellent work experience and educational background makes him an invaluable member of our team.